Self-hosted Gitlab integration with Jira not POSTing resolutions

We have recently moved from self-hosted Jira to cloud Jira. When we were using self-hosted Jira, merging an MR would cause a linked issue to transition (using the GitLab-set transition ID). Our locally-hosted GitLab integration is not longer causing transitions to take effect.

The only server/configuration changes that have occurred that I’m aware of between the transitions working and not working are that we changed from locally-hosted Jira to cloud Jira, and updated GitLab.

The GitLab integration is set up with the new correct details. When I open a GitLab MR that references a Jira task, we can see in the GitLab integrations log on our server that a POST is happening for the comment that references the task. In Jira, we have a “gitlabjira” user that posts the comment. We can see the comments reliably in Jira. So the integration is working, but the resolution is not occurring.

We cannot see in the server logs that a POST is happening on the GitLab server when the MR gets merged, which I believe is the indicator for the GitLab server to tell the Jira issue to transition but I’m not sure.

Does anyone know more about this integration? I’m not sure if we are supposed to see a POST from GitLab to enable the transition, or if there is some other mechanism to cause the task to transition.

We’re on GitLab 14.9.

We have figured out how to fix this.

We went into the global integrations and changed our transition from the previous transition ID (5) to a value which doesn’t exist (3) in Jira. Upon merging, an error was reported which was progress. The value was then changed back to the intended transition ID (5), and now our Jira tasks get resolved as expected.

Edit: I thought I’d reiterate that GitLab hasn’t changed other than a version update and the URL for the integration target for Jira changed. I guess an update borked the transition code somehow.