Jira Integration Stopped Working

Our jira integration with gitlab has been working fine for over a year. Last week jira stopped show git commits.

When i check the integration, it can no longer connect to my jira domain.

Gitlab rejects both the username password combo, and the username api key that was generated.

Are there new requirements for integrating with jira?

@jack Are you using Jira Cloud?

Last year Atlassian announced that they’d be deprecating authentication methods other than email address and API token for that platform. Just this month they started actively deprecating old authentication methods so we’ve seen a few users that missed the announcement and hadn’t updated to an API token.

@Tristan yes - i am using cloud. The initial failure was likely caused by what you mentioned.

I’ve generated an organization api key which im using in conjunction with my jira login email address. It’s still failing. How should i debug this?

This is still a blocker for us. I’ve enabled the integration in gitlab and the API key passes. However, when im tagging ticket numbers, i never see a comment added to the ticket.

How should i debug this?


Hello Sirs, I am having exact same problem of jack, I am using an email and API token, also when I test integration Gitlab says “Jira activated.” successfully with an happy blue ribbon on top, but messages never show up in Jira and thus also integration for automatic closing Jira issues does not work, this is really annoying since we are using this nice integration couple years now. Any chance to debug this?

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I have what seems to be the same issue, as it stopped working at the same time. I’ve generated a new API token but when I try and test the integration (keeping config same as before), it simply says “Test Failed” with no further details. No messages are showing up in Jira…


Does the user that you generated the API token for have sufficient access to the Jira product in your Jira Cloud instance?


For the Username or email field in the integration settings in GitLab are you still using a username or have you also changed that over to be the email address of the user that you generated the API token for?

Hi, in Gitlab the connection test returns a success message, I checked in Jira all the permissions of the gitlab user, and all was fine, I even added more permissions to be sure, but nothing works.
Do we have a log file we can inspect to understand what is going on under the hood? If you can direct us, we can also open a ticket with Atlassian for this issue.

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Thanks so much - I was following a tutorial that didn’t actually mention needing an API token for the cloud and overlooked that. All working now

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I have the same issue. The test connection in gitlab works fine. I have successfully updated my test issue in jira via the jira API using the same email/token as I’ve configured in gitlab, with a small python script, so I know the user has the correct permissions. I have access to neither gitlab or jira cloud logs so basically am staring at a black hole of not-workingness with no way to debug.

Where you able to figure this out?

I’m running into the same issue. I was able to setup the integration with the success banner but GitLab isn’t posting comments. I’ve tested the user/token via curl to verify permissions. Since I have access to the GitLab instance that runs, I can verify that I can also curl the Jira API from there. I’m seeing 500 error responses in the GitLab logs for comments and transitions. When I got the Jira logs, they are only showing GET requests on the issues via the rest api.