Job queue times


My organization has recently purchased GitLab Premium.
We’re on the SAAS version, straight up
But we have our own private gitlab-runner instances, 3 of them.
My problem is that queue times for CI jobs are really high while the runners are idle.
We’ve used the free tier before and thought that maybe it will get better when we purchase premium, but there has been no improvement since we made the move.
Jobs that take our runners 30 seconds to complete are often stuck for 4 to 5 minutes before they’re even scheduled.
Sometimes, it gets really extreme - one of my own jobs has been scheduled to run after a whopping 45 minutes. While our runners were idle, mind you.

I’ve searched this forum and found CI Queue times, that has been rather disheartening.

Is there something that we or GitLab can do about this?

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I believe similar issue to mine - GitLab CI jobs queued on retry

Did you find solution? Or any help?