Larger wiki pages are deleted after editing

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, so I hope this is the right place for my question…

We’re using Gitlab for quite some time now and are really happy with it. Our instance is at the latest version (gitlab-ce 13.5.3) and installed on a server with Debian buster.

Recently I had to add a rather large Wiki page to a repository when something odd occured: At a certain point, when I hit “Save changes” after writing another paragraph the wiki page was suddenly gone. So in order to recover the old page I added the Wiki repository to git and restored to the last commit. What I discovered during that process was, that the last commit deleted the .md file and thus the whole content.

After some trail and error I found out, that this only occurs, if wiki pages exceed a certain size. In order to eleminate any formatting issues I made a simple test case:

  1. Add an empty wiki page
  2. Insert 887 words of Lorem Ipsum
  3. Save the page (everything fine at this point)
  4. Open the page once again for editing
  5. Insert the same amount of words again (counting now 1774 words)
  6. Save the page => Page deleted

Is this related to any configuration issue or might there be a bug?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


EDIT: I just recorded my screen to give you a more visual explanation:


thanks for noticing and reporting. This sounds odd and should not happen, our engineers should have a look at it. Mind creating a new bug report? Thanks!


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thanks for the fast reply. Absolutely not! Here’s the link to my report for future reference: