Legacy Commit URL-s with Jira DVCS connector

I have a problem with Self managed Gitlab 16 and Jira DVCS integration with Jira Data Center version 9.4.6

Application links and accounts are created correctly. Commits and branches are shown in Jira development section but commit url-s are in old legacy format and returning 404 when redirecting from jira to self managed Gitlab. When I add -/ in the browser url before commit/ then corect page is shown eg:

I could not find where to change it. I have delete the old integration (Jira application link, DVCS account, Gitlab application link) and create everything again, but no help.

Does anyone have experience with this, could it be a misconfiguration or bug?

Jira DVCS support was removed in GitLab 16.

Support was remove from Jira Cloud and Jira Server/Data Center 8.14 and earlier: Jira DVCS connector | GitLab

We have Jira Data Center 9.6.4. So it should work and it works, only gitlab commit links in jira are in legacy format.

All right, if you have paid support you can raise it in the GitLab support porta. If you are on Free plan you can try official issue tracker.

@tonis-ls We’ve reported this issue to Atlassian and they opened an issue on this, see https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSWSERVER-21745

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