Limit the number of triggered pipeline to 25K

In the Removals section of the 14.6 Release notes, there is Limit the number of triggered pipeline to 25K in free tier and I’m not sure what does it mean.

It’s placed in the Removals section, so the limit is removed? If not, a free account can trigger 25K pipelines monthly? Yearly? Because my organization has triggered much more than 25K pipelines (using private runners) in a single project over a few years and new pipelines still work properly.

So, could you elaborate on this limit or link to more detailed documentation?

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This limitation was added in order to prevent users from abusing our platform, we are limiting the maximum number of pipeline triggers a single project can have at any given moment to 25K.

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That link 404s for me, BTW

It’s a confidential issue, I removed it from the message

Just to be 100% sure
It’s not about the total count of pipelines displayed in the project CI/CD Analytics? You are limiting “In progress” pipelines count?


Its not the total pipelines which had been triggered per project, as I mention this is a preventive action to block abusers from firing away thousands of pipeline at a given moment

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Thanks for the answer. Now everything is clear :+1: