Loading gitlab project takes 20s to open

Loading gitlab project takes up to 20s to open due to DOM content to load (more than 10k DOM content)

Gitlab-ce version 15.7.3.
For project which has been created in Gitlab, when I try to open an empty project with just a readme.MD file, it takes approximately 20 seconds to load all the contents.

I enable the performance bar and it shows me that more than 10k DOM contents have been loaded ( see screenshot below)

For projects which I import in Gitlab, it loads fast and have only approximately 1k DOM content loaded.

I dont know why I have more than 10k dom content for an empty project…

Thank you by advance for any help !

is any other projects being run through that one? if not i will keep thinking

Thanks for the reply ! No, there is only that one … and this “bug” occurs on all projects which are created through Gitlab.

um have you tried making the project on GitHub then migrate it to git lab

For the project which load fast, it was imported from another gitlab instance or/and imported from basic local git repository.
I don’t know why for some project like the empty project one, it needs 10k+ DOM content to load

maybe delte that one and remake it it could work

Ok I found the reason… I create an empty project in other namespace and it works perfectly.

The difference between the 2 namespaces was that I configured badges display for pipelines status. I then remove the badge display and It load perfectly.

The question now is why the badge status makes the loading page very slow…

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oh sorry i could not help but it is good you found the problem

No problem, Thank you for your help ! :smile:

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An idea for testing - copy the URL for the badge, replace the template variables to raw text, and run a few curl commands on the CLI with time before to see how to long the requests take. Maybe there is a performance problem with that specific HTTP endpoint (and warnings in the logs maybe).

$ time curl https://gitlab.example.com/....