Long waiting time for a shared runner on gitlab.com

For some time I have a rather long waiting times (ranging from minutes to more than half an hour) for a shared runner on gitlab.com when triggering build on GitLab CI. I’m using docker with python:2.7-wheezy if that matters. I wonder if it is normal or maybe my configuration has something to do it with it?

Hi Aleksander,

We’re experience some scaling issues with the GitLab.com shared runners. You can track progress on this issue at https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/operations/issues/360. Some improvements have already been made, which hopefully reduces the pending wait times a bit. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll track the issue - it is not a huge problem for me at the moment but it can get annoying in a long run. Anyway it is great to know you are working on it. Thanks for excellent service :slight_smile: