Lost "Owner" access after switching (main) email addresses

Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding access rights to (my own) repositories after switching main email addresses. I started a new job recently and lost access to my previous work email where my repo’s were registered/created with. I switched the my main email address from my work email to my private email and, yes I have access to the repositories now but I have “maintainer” rights, however, not “owner” rights. This means I cannot for example change the visibility of the projects I created. Could anyone help me solve this?

*I also checked how I could transfer owner rights to another email account. I found some posts on this forum or maybe stackoverflow explaining that you could add all projects to a group, then transfer ownership of the group and simply remove the old owner from the group. But I still only have maintainer rights.

PS. I use the free version of GitLab.

I think I fixed it; the projects where I could not change certain settings where still grouped.

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Thanks for coming back to update your status here @ruben.hamers!