Original Creator of Project

I have an employee who has created a project under his own account. However he is leaving the company, and all code is belonged to the company. We need to move complete ownership of the project to our account and remove him as the original owner as he is not entitled to any of the code. It is the company IP property.

What is the process to change to another account? I cannot find actual way to get this done.

Will the following steps need to be done on his account to transfer complete ownership?:
Go to Project -> Settings -> Project Settings -> Scroll down to Transfer project

when i do project settings and transfer, it says “is invalid”

i need ownership of this project asap someone help!

As an admin user you can go to the user account and impersonate this user. You should be able to change the settings you need (eg. change privacy settings to internal or add another user to the project). Worst case is that you can export the project from the project settings page and import this data from another user’s account.

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