Lost profile picture after the GitLab Restore

Hi Everyone, This is my first post.
After looking at similar topics in history, I couldn’t find any, hence posting here.

I am using GitLab 13.3.2-e, when I restored the same GitLab version, I and other users lost the profile pictures. Users have to add their pictures again.

Can someone help understand the behaviour here? Is it expected in GitLab?

idk it happens to me but for me i don’t care i jeust keep adding my pfp back but it is anoying here are some people who can help @dnsmichi @moderators

You could try clearing the Redis cache, just in case:

gitlab-rake cache:clear

When you right click in the browser, and select Inspect or Open in a new tab (in Chrome), can you share the URL? Maybe it is using http instead of https and the browser blocks that. The browser dev console can also shed more light into errors when loading the page. Could also be a permission issue on the object storage and files return a 404 when served on by GitLab.

Another guess: Maybe the pictures were added using an external service like Gravatar and as such have not been cached/fetched yet.

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