Merge requests impossible since v10

Since Friday and the v10 update I can not merge my branch to master.
I have 7 branches without conflict and each one of them give me the same message when I try to merge:
“Something went wrong during merge: Conflicts detected during merge.”

I have no conflict in my merge requests so I don’t understand the message.

When I try to follow the guide to merge manually, I encounter an error in step1:
Step 1. Fetch and check out the branch for this merge request
git fetch origin
git checkout -b 690926364/tooltipSharePopupShared origin/690926364/tooltipSharePopupShared

The second command give me an error saying the branch already exists, which is true.

I don’t know what to do, does anyone know the way to get my repo running again?

Thank you

This is a known issue and being worked on. Until it’s fixed, recommend downgrading.