Messed up my login to

I have a (rarely used) userid that works fine. I wanted to report an AMDGPU driver bug on Issues · drm / amd · GitLab, where I did not have an account, and forgot I already had the account. So I started to register for a new account on

As it happens, I used the same email address as I used for, and got as far as the confirmation email. AFAIR I confirmed the account, and certainly if I try clicking on the link in that email I now get “1 error prohibited this user from being saved: Email was already confirmed, please try signing in”. Now I’m stuck, 'cos I can’t sign in.

Trying to login to just fails “Invalid login or password”. Trying to reset the password just takes me back to the login screen, and I get no reset email. Trying to login using gitlab fails with a screen saying “422 Sign-in using GitLab auth failed Sign-in failed because Email has already been taken.”.
Catch 22 - I can’t sign in using gitlab 'cos the email’s taken, but I can’t sign in with the email 'cos the password’s wrong, but I can’t change the password!

I suspect what’s needed is for an administrator to delete the half-assed userid on, but there’s no way I can find to contact their administrator.

I’d be most grateful for any assistance.


Freedesktop are running their own Gitlab installation, so you would have to contact them for assistance. Nobody here, or even including the Gitlab Team have administrator capabilities on that installation.

See the contact section here: www

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