Migration from gitlab saas to gitlab selft hosted

I want to migrate my groups and users from gitlab saas to self hosted gitlab whole users and groups should be migrated , i have so many groups and users in my gitlab organuization account how can I achieve this please do let me know…

Hi there
This will require several steps. You can start with this tool called Evaluate, it’s by gitlab

Run it against your source instance, depending on the size of your environment this can take some time, from few minutes upto an hour, as it scans each group / repo and then gives you couple of output files with detailed breakdown. It runs in docker so you’ll need to pull those files out using docker cp command. This will then give you an idea what you’re working with.
Use direct group transfer method to migrate, main bottleneck in your case will be resouces on the destination, import process can be very CPU hungry. Migrate groups first if needed. If DGT fails try it again, worst case scenario is migrating it project by project. All depends, too many variables. Note, all users on source must exist on destination, otherwise user attribution won’t be migrated, all users must have their email addresses set to Public.
DGT is your method and Evaluate is the tool that will help :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes

thank you doctor3182

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