Migration Issue : Jira Issue Links are not accessible from commit messages after importing Saas GitLab repo into a self-hosted GitLab Instance

Hi All,

I have a Project on GitLab Cloud that is integrated with Atlassian Jira Cloud.

The commit messages that I used had Jira Issue IDs which after committing would take me to the actual Jira Link.

Then, as per requirement, I wanted to migrate my Cloud GitLab Project to my self hosted GitLab Server.

I was able to Export the project from Cloud and import in my server.

Repos, histories, branches and all other stuff were successfully migrated, but the Issue Links mentioned in the commit messages no longer take me to the Jira issue.


However, after creating an integration in my server with the Jira Cloud site, the commit messages I mentioned after I imported the project were successfully taking me to the Jira site, but not from the export.

How can I bring the links to Jira Issues to earlier commits?

Any help would be appreciated.


hey, just wondering if you got this resolved?