Migration of PR , Issues of Azure Devops Git repository to Gitlab repository

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I need to migrate Pull Requests, Issues from Git repository hosted on Azure Devops Server to Git repository hosted on Gitlab Server.

I have a git repository hosted on Azure Devops Server. We are migrating all repositories from Azure Devops Server to on premise Gitlab Instance. We were able to migrate history, commits, branches to Gitlab Instance. But we were not able to migrate the Pull requests, Issues from Azure Devops Server to Gitlab Instance. Could you please provide a way to migrate the Pull Requests, Issues history associated with their commits to Gitlab repository

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I’ve explored various options for migrating a Git repository from Azure DevOps Server to GitLab but encountered limitations with each approach:

  1. Attempted to use the GitLab API’s “import/github” feature, but found that it only supports migration from GitHub Enterprise Server to GitLab Server, not from Azure DevOps Server.

2)Tried installing a third-party tool called “repobee” but faced difficulties and was unable to successfully complete the migration.

  1. Utilized the “gh-ado2gh” utility, but encountered an error during the process, specifically:

[2024-04-08 14:26:12] [ERROR] Failed to lookup the Organization ID for organization ‘https://github.org.net/api/v3/orgs/test

  1. I experimented with migrating Pull Requests from Azure DevOps Server to Merge Requests in GitLab using Python scripting and APIs. Although I was able to retrieve Pull Requests information in JSON format from the repository, I encountered challenges when creating Merge Requests in the GitLab repository. The GitLab API lacks support for mapping commit IDs and revisions to Merge Requests during creation, complicating the migration process.

My objective remains to migrate Pull Requests and Issues, along with their associated commit IDs and comments, from Azure DevOps Server to GitLab. If any third-party tools exist specifically for this purpose, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or suggestions.