Mirror Repository stuck in "Updating"

I have a repository that’s setup to pull from GitHub, however it has been stuck on “Updating” with no error logs that I can see.

Pull mirroring is a premium option so if you don’t have a paid subscription it won’t work. Push mirroring only works for free users.

But… it’s worked for the last year or so without issues, without a premium subscription.

Did you upgrade recently by any chance? It used to be available, but I believe iin Gitlab 13.9 it was moved to premium.

Link: Pull from a remote repository | GitLab

No, I haven’t upgraded or made any purchases or the sort.

It used to just work fine, but as of a week ago it just stopped mirroring. It’s stuck on “Updating”, no errors about not being subscribed (from what I can see).

What version of Gitlab do you have installed?

It’s not selfhosted, this is on gitlab.com

Well, that means it’s definitely running the latest version, which puts that at 15.2.0. Since pull mirroring was removed for free users in 13.9 then it has no reason to work for you. That said, others have also mentioned that it stopped working recently on Gitlab.com as well. Maybe due to other changes that were made in relation to public repositories and open source projects have to submit and ask to be able to obtain premium features for free.

Maybe it did work previously, but based on the fact it wasn’t meant to work for free users from version 13.9, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Either you need a premium subscription, or as a free user you need to use push mirroring.