Fork of another project... jammed pull mirroring

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here so I apologise if this has been properly addressed elsewhere. I have a problem with my repository pull mirror (against the Free Pascal Compiler). For the past 4 days it has been stuck on a scheduled update. The options to force another manual update are greyed out and it is neither succeeding nor failing, just remaining in limbo. As a result it has blocked my bug-fixing and optimisation work on the Free Pascal Compiler since I cannot update my main branch (whether by using the manual update options on GitLab or calling “git pull” etc.).

I’ve read up an article that suggests using Rails, but I have no experience with Rails yet and I primarily use a Windows machine. I did try to use a Linux machine at one point to do it, but had no success when following the instructions, plus it warns against doing too much with it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Any advice on how to clear this bugged update and start another one will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The repository in question is this: J. Gareth "Kit" Moreton / Optimisations · GitLab

Okay, so I realised this is possibly the wrong board to post this in. I’m not sure what category this would count as normally.

I just tried deleting the mirror and re-establishing it, but it’s still stuck in the updating cycle without ever making progresrs. I did have problems before with a corrupted update that was rectified when I forced a new update, which is why I suspect the problem is on my side. No-one else has yet come forward to state that their own Free Pascal fork has stopped updating, so I can’t confirm if the problem is on their end (both FPC and my fork are regular gitlab-hosted repositories to my knowledge).

Do you have a Gitlab subscription? If not, then pull mirroring only works if you have a paid subscription. The free version only has push mirroring.

As shown in the docs here: Pull from a remote repository | GitLab requires premium or higher.

That might explain it - thanks. Maybe I missed something - was this change made recently because pull mirroring wored fine until 4 days ago. It also says “Updating” and “Update requested” rather than explicitly saying that it’s unavailable.

Either way, it looks like I may have to become a Premium member. Thanks for the reply.

Looks like I did miss it! Time to subscribe. Thanks for the help.

It moved to premium in Gitlab 13.9 so prior to this version I guess was possible.

Well I bought a Premium subscription and set myself back a fair bit of money! But it’s still stuck “Updating” and I can’t force a pull even after removing and re-creating the mirror multiple times.

As you purchased premium, you have official support so you can open a ticket here and get Gitlab employees to help:

Any luck? I’m in the same situation (didn’t upgrade though)

Indeed - I opened a ticket soon after I became Premium and gave it an hour to see if the problem would resolve itself, which it didn’t. No response yet though.

Not yet. Since becoming Premium though I have opened up a support ticket. Hopefully they can find a solution.

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Success! I had bought a Premium subscription, but it was assigned to a new group rather than my existing namespace. After a bit of fumbling around the billing settings though, I was successful in getting it transferred over to my existing namespace and my fork successfully updated itself.

This is the message I got from the ticket:

Thanks for contacting GitLab Support.

I understand that you have a pull mirror configured for the project CuriousKit/optimisations that is a fork of, and it is now stuck, not pulling any updates from uptream.

Your conclusion was correct about the recent updates which made this feature unavailable for Free tier, and the time when the mirror update stopped corresponds to the time of the new release. Exactly what happens is that the projects with no paid plan would have a flag hard_failure_for_mirrors_without_license enabled, so no retried would be attempted.

I see that you have purchased a new premium license, but it was assigned to a new group named J. Gareth Kit Moreton, instead of assigning it to your namespace CuriousKit. Can you please move the subscription to the correct namespace and let us know if mirroring works again?

I hope this answers the question to anyone who might stumble across this thread. You need at least a Premium subscription for pull mirroring to work, and if you buy one, make sure the assigned group is your existing namespace. If it isn’t, you can go to Settings → Billing and there’s an option to change the linked namespace. I hope that helps everyone.

Once again, thank you GitLab Support for resolving my issue.