Mirroring stopped working for several developers in our community


I’m a member of an Open Source community and have a project, https://gitlab.com/bsfez/tiki, based and mirroring https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.
The mirroring used to work perfectly for month (year ?)

It is not working anymore since a month and I have other developers (not all) reporting the same.
I delete and recreate the auto synchronisation (mirror) at Settings=> Repository=>Mirroring repositories
But still stuck without a clear error message.

Mirrored from https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.git.
[ Pull mirroring failed 2 days ago.](https://gitlab.com/bsfez/tiki/-/mirror)
Repository mirroring has been paused due to too many failed attempts, and can be resumed by a project maintainer.
Last successful update 1 month ago.

It just turn all our migration to Gitlab a big loss of times and useless…
Can someone check why this is happening ?

Could it be related to Gold account trial ?
2 month ago I was contacted to test for free Gold subscription. I was in contact with one of Gitlab representative and got the assurance that when the trial period (one month) is over I will get back my account as it was before the trial.
Is there a bug there ?

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I tested with another project mirroring my fork (see above).
The mirroring process is working fine.

It is only mirroring from : https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.git to https://gitlab.com/bsfez/tiki/ that is not working.

Why could be the reason ?

@bsfez Based on this documentation, it looks like some features of repository mirroring are on the free versions of GitLab, and others, like pulling from a remote repository, are on a paid level.

I’m wondering if you’re part of our open source program, and if not, if you’d want to apply? This will get you access to Gold or Ultimate GitLab (if you qualify) for free which might help solve some of the issues you’re seeing.

Hi Slee24,

It worked back after I disabled protected branch for about… 20 days and now again it is not working anymore. This is really a pain to be busy fixing such Gitlab issues and not writing code ! :rage:

I understood our project “Tiki” (https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki) is part of open source program.
Where to check ?
As an admin of the project doesn’t my Tiki(s) project covered ?

… Every 2 month or so It stop working.
I have to delete mirroring settings after a few attempt it is back.

Here on a public project (Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware / Tiki · GitLab) I’m stuck since 2 weeks and branches are even not created (I deleted them to force recreate).

This is a pain and that’s it for me.
Github is working better ?