Missing Repos from 15.10.4 > 15.11


I am new to gitlab self-hosted and I am running the apt package of gitlab-ee on Debian 11.

I recently was having issues connecting to my server, I was getting 500 errors upon attempting to connect. After attempting a restart of the server and a gitlab-ctl restart I decided to run an apt upgrade, which I am now seeing might have been a mistake.

Upon upgrading I am missing repos that were located on secondary storage. For this I had listed the secondary device in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb as follows:

   "default" => {
     "path" => "/var/opt/gitlab/git-data"
   "alternative" => {
     "path" => "/mnt/disk"

Admittedly I did not know this feature was to be deprecated in future versions, and moved to Gitaly. I want to know where to go from here. The files in /mnt/disk seem to be completely missing, the @hashed folder is missing, although there are a few extra folders in /var/opt/gitlab/git-data, however the size of this directory is only 2.2G and the only repository that was meant to be there is that size.


As I am assuming this data is completely irrecoverable, I would just like to know where to go next, to keep my data safe in the future. I am mostly using this for personal projects, and they are stored elsewhere locally, so I have luckily not lost any important files currently.

I am able to provide any needed logs on request.


Quick edit: smartctl seems to say the disk is fine.

Hi - sorry I can’t comment on the GitLab side of things but it sounds like you have a volume that is no longer mounted? Can you tell me more about the /mnt/disk path?

A mount point is a normal directory - and when a volume is mounted at that point then the contents of the volume will show in there. If it’s not mounted then it will appear as if all the files are gone.

I am guessing that the 2.3GB as showing in the screenshot is some kind of metadata showing the size of the repo, so it won’t be reflecting the size of actual files on disk right now (that would be very slow to calculate).

The output of lsblk and mount from your machine would be helpful - especially with respect to what you had mounted at /mnt/disk.

Given you have copies of the content elsewhere the importance of recovering the 2.3GB of content is probably low, but understanding why it went missing is pretty important :stuck_out_tongue: