Missing some promethues metrics

We have a GitLab deployment using the Helm chart and we use a EE license as well.

In our cluster we already have Prometheus/Thanos installed and for that, we have disabled the Prometheus that comes together with the Helm chart.

Prometheus is scraping the metrics from the registry/webservice/gitlab-exporter/redis/…
Then I start configuring the Grafana dashboards and I’ve found this repository GitLab.org / grafana-dashboards · GitLab

did some changes in the labels, because on our side it change a bit, but I was able to see some graphs

in some cases, some metrics do not exist, like registry_storage_cache_total which I don’t know if I need to set up anything else to get that work or something is not fully working or missing to scrape some service/pod.

and the last question the repository above is the best place to get the dashboards or there is another place to get some initial dashboards.


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