Mixed Code highlightning

I used latest version of github, just downgrade the raw_controller.rb to version 7.1 cause of the html-raw-view.
Now i see, that the highlightning in codepreview for php files not always show. I found out, if a script-tag is inside the php-file (name.php) the highlighniing is deactivate. If i delete the script-tag highlightning is activate.
I think, I am not the only one who mixed php, html and javascript code in one file. So the solution to seperate each codeblock in one file is not what i want. Mabye another solution can be fount.

Thanks for your help


does anybody have the same problem?
If I have a php-file with


the code highlighning failed.
If I put the script-part at the header of php-file everythings fine. But for html-output mixing code from php, javascrpit and html is not special.

similar issue here.

from my .gitattributes in one of my repos:

*.moonb gitlab-language=moonscript?parent=markdown

expectation: markdown highlighting with moonscript for code blocks and inline code.

reality: everything is moonscript. md

the “CGI options” mentioned in the docs aren’t elaborated on either, so i have no idea why it’s going wrong or if i’m just mistaken about how it’s supposed to work :confused: