My GitHub Desktop is not able to authenticate with

I have tried to clone a repository in the Github from a link of my project in GitLab, but every time I try it, i’m greeted with a, “cannot authenticate with, please enter correct password and username and try again,” message even though I have also tried making a PAT. it doesn’t want to take anything and I need this to work but it seems something is heavily bugged and I need a solution please.

Can you share the CLI commands or UI screenshot steps you are doing? I’m not sure if I follow with the steps in GitHub and GitLab. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, to summarize: You are using GitHub Desktop and want to import a GitLab project from I’ll edit the title.

Did you manage to create a Personal Access Token in your profile, and use the token as the password? How does the clone URL look like?

How to use Github Desktop with Gitlab Repository - devopszones describes the steps with more screenshots for example.

Oh yeah, its the first thing I did but still never worked, and I don’t know if I can share my link for personal work reasons and college, but the URL does end in .git

Is the format using HTTPS or SSH Might be worthwhile to verify with git clone on the CLI.