My recovery codes wont work 2FA

Hi there i just lost my phone, so my Google Authentificator isn’t here anymore, i wanted to use my recovery code that i haved downloaded, but they wont work idk why maybe i downloaded it bad idk but i can’t access to my account right now i saw the wiki and i don’t know how to contact an “Gitlab Administrator” so i’m posting here sorry, i’m really lost i don’t know how to post and the right category maybe i just make a mistake for the category !

Thanks a lot for your futur answer !

Hello! For 2FA issues, you can submit a support request here:

Hi, I’ve already submited a support request by this very same reason, can you please read it?

Thank you very much.

Hey @charo.baena, I’ve just checked and it looks like you received a response on that ticket and it’s currently at your attention. Let’s use that ticket for any further correspondence regarding this matter. :slight_smile:

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