Mystifying "Route path has already been taken"

Hi, in a certain project in our gitlab CE install[1] I can’t create a subgroup or project with a particular name.

I get this form error:

There’s no subgroup or project with that name. And I looked in the database and it doesn’t exist in namespaces.path or projects.path.

What could possibly be the problem?


[1] Currently on version 9.5.4 (fbffc27)

Check the “routes” table to see if the project name is still there.

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Thanks! It is there. Is it referenced anywhere? Is it safe to just DELETE the row from dbconsole?

Had the same issue, just deleted the route, and was able to recreate the project without trouble.

$ gitlab-rails console

route = Route.find_by(“path LIKE ‘%projectname%’”)


This is exactly my case! Thanks a lot!

@sdiepend Thanks a lot!