Route path has already been taken?


I created a repot, checked some files in and then I noticed the project name was misspelled. I changed the project name and cloned the repot again. I still got the mispelled name so I I deleted the repot. I tried to recreate the repot and for two days I get an error banner which says:

o The form has the following errors:
o Route path has already been taken
o Route is invalid
o Name has already been taken
o Path has already been taken.

If I go to my list of projects I don’t have the project listed. Its not listed by either the correct spelling or the incorrect spelling.

How do I create the repot in my list of projects?

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I was creating a new project. GitLab took too long to respond so I got the timeout page. Now, the project is not listed but if I try to create it I get the same list of errors you got.

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Any Solution found yet ?!?!? Need help urgent.
Thank U.

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The same is happening to me. Gitlab CE 9.1.2

I imported a repo into gitlab from github project-1 in groupA/project1

It was the wrong import so I deleted it two days ago and imported it again into groupA/project-1

When I try to rename it to groupA/project1 (without the dash) I get

"The form contains the following errors:

Route path has already been taken
Route is invalid"

I cannot see the project
gitlab-rake gitlab:cleanup:dirs REMOVE=true
gitlab-rake gitlab:cleanup:repos

I cannot see groupA/project1 anywhere.

Please tell me what I need to do to be able to rename project.

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