Namespace is not valid

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I am running a self-hosted CE version for GitLab version 13.11.2 on CentOS 7.

I (and other users) used to create some personal projects unter my “user name” as namespace (just the login name derived from LDAP) where I do have several git repositories, so this actually worked (also for other users) .

Just now I wanted to create another “personal” project but do receive the error message “The form contains the following error: * Namespace is not valid”. As I try to keep the instance up-to-date but do not create new projects every day/week I can not tell since that version this is no longer working.
Creating a project in a group does work as “always”, transferring this to my “user” namespace does also lead to an error message “Transfer failed, please contact an admin.”.

Is this expected behaviour?
Do I have to allow creation of in the personal namespace somewhere?
Searching this forum (and elsewhere) only led me to issues where the default creation protection was set to “no-one”, in my case this is “Developers + Maintainers”.

Thanks for any hints and pointers!


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Hi All,

does really nobody have an idea how to resolve this? No one ever hit that?

Sorry for asking again.

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Maybe this will help, just found it searching the forum:

Hi iwalker,

thank you very much for your reply.
I already found that forum topic (I mentioned that in the last part of my first post), the “Default project creation protection” is set to “Developers + Maintainers”.

What I am wondering now (just noticed that) is that the last part of the Project URL is “krause”, whereas other (older) (private) projects are shown like “Krause, Markus / project001” . I use LDAP as authentication source, “krause” would match the “uid”, but “Krause, Markus” is “cn”.
Did the usage of LDAP attributes change in recent release of gitlab?

Thanks for any hints.

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Perhaps check your LDAP config in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb to find out which attributes have been set for the username field.

I don’t use LDAP, so mine is commented, but it will give you an idea to compare against:

#     attributes:
#       username: ['uid', 'userid', 'sAMAccountName']
#       email:    ['mail', 'email', 'userPrincipalName']
#       name:       'cn'
#       first_name: 'givenName'
#       last_name:  'sn'

Thanks for the hint.
My setup has at least a different format (maybe due to the fact that I made the config with an older version) so I changed it following the description at General LDAP setup | GitLab which is similar to your example. Unfortunately that does not change anything, I still get the warning “Namespace invalid”.

Any more ideas?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi, I have the very same error on gitlab 14.2.1.
I do have a LDAP as well.
What is funny, the same error as on the screenshot appear to only one user, just checked with two another users, everything is fine.
The same type of namespace like:
It looks more as a bug then some misconfiguration.

SO in case this is still an issue for someone using the self-hosted Community Edition, I got past this issue, by adding a group, and then creating the project within that group.

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The cause can also be that you try to add a repository to a group that has the setting “Allowed to create projects” set to “No one”


I ran into the same issue when I tried to create a new project in my personal namespace. I found I already had one such project but could not create a second (and got this same namespace error).

I deleted the one project and THEN I was able to successfully create a new project.

Implies there is some kind of project limit BUT the error certainly doesn’t hint at that.

Yes, you are right!