Error 500 on Transfer


I am one of the collaborators on an open source project. The repository was wrongly owned by a user, which should have been a group. After some tinkering, seems like others indicate that the user namespace can be changed (eg, userowner => userownerold), a new group created under the previous namespace (eg, userowner) and the repository transferred to the group namespace.

That all works except for the last part. When trying to transfer the ownership to the group namespace, nothing happens. According to DevTools, the server responds with a 500 statuscode. Seems like this is also behavior more users have experienced, but since we are not paying subscribers, there isn’t a direct way to contact support (unless I am mistaken there).

What would be the proper way to get some help sorting this out?


Hello @h3artbl33d, are you still experiencing 500 errors? This may be related to the issues we had with GitLab yesterday. That should be okay now, and here’s the more info Also, you can always check for updates.