Need latest major version to upgrade from 13.12.4

Hi Team,

We are running gitlab-ee version 13.12.4. Please let us know which is the latest stable major version that we can upgrade to.

Gireesh Shivapurmath.

Latest stable is 14.2.1. Just make sure you follow the upgrade documentation and the upgrade path. Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

As of Aug 26, 2021, this will be the upgrade path you should take for the smoothest possible upgrade:

13.12.10 → 14.0.8 → 14.1.3 → 14.2.1

You’ll need to specify the GitLab version to install for each step, the command syntax will change slightly depending on the package manager you’re using. For example:

# Ubuntu/Debian
sudo apt install gitlab-ee=14.0.8-ee.0
# RHEL/CentOS 6 and 7
yum install gitlab-ee-14.0.8-ee.0.el7
# RHEL/CentOS 8
dnf install gitlab-ee-14.0.8-ee.0.el8

After each upgrade step, verify that background migrations have completed before moving on to the next upgrade.

You can do this by running:

sudo gitlab-rails runner -e production 'puts Gitlab::BackgroundMigration.remaining'

If the output is 0, you’re good to move on to the next upgrade step.

Let us know how it goes!


Thank you Greg for suggesting. We are using omnibus rpm package installation. Please let me know your thoughts on this upgrade path.

Gireesh Shivapurmath.

So like this:

yum install gitlab-ee-13.12.10-ee.0.el7
yum install gitlab-ee-14.0.8-ee.0.el7
yum install gitlab-ee-14.1.3-ee.0.el7
yum install gitlab-ee-14.2.1-ee.0.el7

you don’t say if RHEL7 or RHEL8, so you will need to make some changes with the commands. You will also need to make sure that you install ce or ee depending on what you already have installed. Quick check:

rpm -qa | grep gitlab

and see if it has ce or ee in the name. As Greg said, make sure you ensure background migrations are at zero before continuing from one upgrade to the next.

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Thank you @iwalker for reminding… We are using gitlab-ee. We will check the db migrations before upgrade.