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Hi everyone I would like to start climbing the gitlab update to the latest version.

I have framed (here Upgrading GitLab | GitLab) my path to follow I am currently at 13.0.3-ee.

I would like to ask you:

  1. where can I find the commands to switch from 13.0.3-ee to 13.1? (here I do not find the procedure only the versions Upgrading GitLab | GitLab)

  2. To update the versions do I have to follow the enterprice edition path or is the update unique for both ee and comunity?

  3. I noticed that in the gitlab information the shell has version 13.2 while gitlab has 13.0.3; updating only gitlab do you automatically update shell, gem ruby, bundle etc etc versions?

I am new to gitlab and hope for your help :blush:


  1. In the upgrading Gitlab docs, there is this particular section: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab which gives you a link to this page: Upgrade GitLab by using the GitLab package | GitLab and the commands here show how to upgrade to a specific version. You can also use this page: gitlab/gitlab-ee - Packages · packages.gitlab.com where the downloads are provided, and selecting the appropriate version you wish to install, will give you the exact command you need to install it using yum or apt depending on what version of Linux you have installed. For example, a screenshot from that page when I filtered for Debian Bullseye for version 14.10.0:


if you don’t use Debian, then choose the appropriate distribution, Ubuntu, Red Hat or whatever, and you will see the command you need to use.

  1. The upgrade process is the same, whether you use CE or EE.

  2. You upgrade using the packages, you do not need to manually upgrade anything else since the package contains everything relating to Gitlab, including ruby, etc.

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ok I will try the climb up to the latest version following the path hopefully good

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