Never Receive Confirmation Email

I signed up for a new account for a new project and I never received the confirmation email.

Here is what I have tried:

  1. Tried Resend about 10 times.
  2. Confirming email was spelled properly by cutting and pasting into resend confirmation box.
  3. Tried to login using both UserName and Email address.
  4. Used G-Suite Administrative reports to see if G-Suite is rejecting the email from gitlab to the email address.
  5. Sent a test email from a yahoo account to the G-Suite and it was received.
  6. Waiting 16 hours and retried resending confirmation email.
  7. Checked the spam folder.
  8. Searched “All Email” for the email.

Two questions:

A. What else can I try?

B. How to I pay for support so I can get someone at gitlab to look at this?

Note: If gitlab is looking at this forum post: The email address I used is not the same as the email address I used for the forum.

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Thanks iwalker. The link to the support system is what I needed. gitlab seems to make it hard to find.