Confirmation email never received

I have hit resend confirmation email numerous times over the last 24 hours and no email is received, and no its not in the spam filder, trying to create a account. I have seen this in the forums as a constant problem, its often closed, and then re-opened. Is there a solution to reset/clear the username/email address and try again? Or if you try to create an account, and the confirmation email fails to show up, do you just write off and move on? Are you locked out forever, since now the username/email address are “taken” but there is no way to start process over, and it will just fail repeatedly, telling you you cannot login because the username/email is “taken” ut has not been confirmed, yet there is no way to confirm the email address? … trying to migrate from github, but so far I am less than impressed. This is first time ever that I have seen the signup process for a website fail.


I transferred this to our support, hang on!


As stated in

If you have an issue accessing your account, please use the support web form so an admin can help you.

@axil I have the same problems, I never get a confirmation email so I can’t login, also checked spam folder. I can change my pw however. How to proceed?

same problem here.
I never receieved any email so I can’t validate my account!
Any help?

me too, I never received any email

Have the same problem. Is there some solution?

Same problem on April 2nd, 2019.

I have found /users/password/new works only if I logoff gitlab from the other tabs.

/users/confirmation/new doesn’t send the email, even if I logoff.

Same problem confirmation email never received. finally used github account to login

I’m getting the same issue. Any solutions?