Cannot receive confirmation email

I’m with problems when login, i can’t login my gitlab account because I didn’t confirm that, but I can’t receive any email confirmation. I click on “resend verification email” several times but it doesn’t work.

Thank you for reaching out about this, @andrereis99 - it appears you are not alone in this today!

Please check out this post and see if the advice here can help you! Thanks!

I have the same problem. Cannot get the confirmation email.

Same here, lol…
Im login via Gmail

I’m getting the same issue too.
I can confirm the mailbox is receiving email from other external vendors, yet nothing coming from gitlab. checked message tracing in exchange 365 and nothing has hit the gateway. email address being sent to is [redacted]

@josjaf, @modwebpl and @ThatGuyNZ - I recommend you reach out to in order to have our experts check in on your specific cases. Please let me know when you get sorted! :blush:

Thanks! I am all sorted, my email and user name didn’t match for gitlab like they usually do for other sites. Thanks

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I get the same problem. But in my case the email registered in my gitlab account is no longer available for me. So I will not be able to do the confirmation gitlab asks.

Is there a way I can submit a new email to get access to my account back, please?

@ramirezjpdf - in your case, I would suggest reaching out to our Support Experts ( to help get your sorted. They will be able to see into your account in a way that I cannot - let me know once you get a solution! Thanks!

Thanks. I am in contact with them.

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