New notifications level? ("Focus")

I am using an on-premise, free plan, not sure if this is relevant to my problem, solved by a higher plan.

I have been experimenting with two levels of Notifications for code review discussions: Mention and Participate. The first one is very silent (which is kind of good), but requires that the conversation parties invoke my name in merge request discussion. If they forget to do so, I will miss out on some messages. The latter, OTOH, floods my inbox with notification emails which are often irrelevant for me, which leads to my ignoring emails, which is a bad thing.

Why some discussions might be irrelevant for me, you might ask. Because in a big monorepo where different disciplines (frontend, backend, devops/configuration) meet, a dev might not be participating in all conversations, but still want to be focused in other ones.

That’s why I was wondering if it’s possible (maybe already on roadmap) to introduce a more involved notification logic, which I would call a Focus level

In plain words the logic for merge requests would be as follows:

notify me of all messages in MRs
where I am MR author
from threads I have participated in before.

That way, if a user simply forgets to invoke my name, I will still be notified, my email inbox will only receive focused notifications which I will never ignore.

I realize that my view might be simplistic, the example doesn’t take into account roles available in higher plans, but I just wanted to see if I’m all alone in this problem and maybe there is more interest in that level of Notifications.

Ideally, I would see notifications more configurable anyway, like the email filters available in webmail but that’s for another post maybe.