Notification levels unclear

Reading the description and documentation for the “On mention” and “Participate”, it is unclear when I would get notifications if I chose either of those. If I choose the former, do I also get notifications for threads which I participated in? If I choose the latter, do I also get notifications when I’m mentionned? If the answer is no to both, how do I get notifications for mentions AND threads which I participated in?

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monitoring the thread

Was the pic meant to illustrate the confusion I was talking about?

Was that meant as an answer to me, or did you mean you are also interested in getting one?

Let’s try rephrasing the question: does “On mention” exclude participation and “Participate” exclude mention? If I want to get notifications both when I participate in issues and when I’m mentionned, do I really have to set a custom setting?

Also trying to confirm that “On mention” will include the “Participate” notifications. This is very unclear (“On mention” is a level higher but the “only” seems quite explicit) and it’s rather worrying that such a simple question isn’t answered here in the forum!

Also it’s a bit of a UX issue for the person who is doing the mentioning that the person they mention may not get any notification, and there’s no way for the mentioner to know that.

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With notifications set at the Participate level, you will receive an email notification for most activities that occur on an issue after you’ve become a participant on it. That is if you’re listed in the “participants” section of the menu on the right-hand side. You can become a participant in an issue either by adding an emoji reaction to it, commenting on it, or being mentioned on it in either a comment, in the title, or in the description.

Choosing On Mention will cause you to only receive notifications for events in issues where you are directly mentioned. For example, if you are mentioned in a comment on an issue you are now listed as a participant in that issue and you’ll receive an email notification containing the contents of the comment where you were mentioned. However, you won’t receive email notifications for any further events on that issue unless you are directly mentioned in them.

There are some cases where a user might prefer the Participate level but also need to be aware through notifications of other events going on in a group or project. For those situations, it’s usually best to choose the Custom option which is basically the same as the Participate level but with the added benefit of you being able to choose to be notified of other events in the project such as an issue due date coming up or when new merge requests are opened, even if you are not a direct participant in either.

So Participate includes On Mention? That would be good, but it needs to be said explicitely in the documentation because the current wording is really not clear about that and actually implies that they are exclusive of each other, which is what confuses people.

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That’s correct. The main difference between the two is that Participate is mostly for receiving all activity for an issue that you’re involved in, whereas On Mention will only give you notifications when you’re directly mentioned.

I’ll see what I can push through regarding making the documentation more clear regarding those two.

Hi @Tristan,
just found this thread.
Can you explain me how to exclude events from participate level? Is this possible?
E.g. i want to be notified if somebody opened a merge request where i am assigned, but I am really not interested in commits which will be pushed afterwards to this merge request.
Therefore I would like to exlcude events from participate level.