New pricing for GitLab Premium

New blog post on the GitLab blog by David DeSanto! Check it out here:

I’m so glad we got back to CE, when GitLab discontinued the starter plan, that we were on, we already didn’t use most of the features in that plan, so if we hadn’t moved we would now look into a future where we would have to pay more than 7 times as much as we did.

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Yeah. Sad to see. We were already thinking of moving from ultimate down to premium, but might move straight to self hosted CE instead.

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Any reason why not EE, still self hosted, but without a license? You get a few additional features IIRC ?

EE without the license is the same as CE.

Not true. afaik CE is EE with only open-source features.
Also you can run EE, without a license, enable telemetry reporting and you get a few extra features.