New windows Server 2019 runner fails with lock file error

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Problem to solve

This is a new runner on windows server 2019. I am able to write a pipeline to get things like the version of JQ from it but I cannot do other tasks. My main goal is to use it to build a windows docker container.

It’s using the “shell” executor and “pwsh” shell

error: could not lock config file C:\Program Files\Gitlab-Runner\builds\runnername\gitlabrepo\gitlabrunner.tmp\git-template\config: No such file or directory

Steps to reproduce

I’ve opened up permission to Everyone, I’ve moved the build dir, I’ve run the service as System and a local user that can be admin. No change.


  - build
  - test

  stage: build

    - test
    - windows
    - echo "Starting build stage..."
    - New-Item -Path "C:\\builds\\example" -ItemType "directory"
    - New-Item -Path "C:\\builds\\example\\file.txt" -ItemType "file"
    - Add-Content -Path "C:\\builds\\example\\file.txt" -Value "Hello Jerry"
    - echo "File created and text added."
    - echo "Build stage complete."


runner version 17, was using 16.8 and no change
Gitlab is self hosted version 16.8

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  • SaaS
  • [ X] Self-hosted Runners

Helpful resources

I’ve looked.