No issue comments after Upgrade to 14

Hello, I upgraded Gitlab from 13 to 14.0.5 on Centos 7. Now when viewing an issue the comments are not shown anymore. A button “checking branch availability” is shown but cannot be clicked. Also buttons like “Add a todo” cannot be clicked. It looks like a Javascript problem.

Has anyone seen the same problem?

I haven’t, but I would really like to know if you followed the upgrade path to go from 13 to 14.0.5? Since if you missed specific versions like 13.12.5 or 13.12.7 before going to 14.x then your problem is most likely because of this.

12.10.1413.0.14 13.1.11 latest 13.12.Z latest 14.0.Z latest 14.Y.Z

so based on that from 13.0.0 you would need 13.0.14 before jumping to 13.1.11 and then 13.12.7 for example and to 14.0.5

Thanks for your reply. I upgraded from 13.12.x to latest 13.12.8 and after that to 14.0.5:

yum install gitlab-ee-13.12.8-ee.0.el7
yum update
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And did you wait for background migrations to finish before you did yum update, since after each upgrade these must finish first before starting the next upgrade?

Can you revert your system to a snapshot or backup before the upgrade and start again? Or better check all the logs and search for errors/problems that might assist with what to do next. But I expect you will need to revert to a backup. Hopefully you have one!

I have a snapshot of the VM where this is running. But reverting would remove the commits that have been pushed meanwhile.

Further investigation shows that the file assets/webpack/*.chunk.js seems to contain invalid UTF-8 characters and the webserver does not deliver it in full.

iconv shows the message: invalid input sequece at 156801

I submitted an issue in the Gitlab issue tracker.

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