Faulty update

Hi, I’m pretty new here and totally inexperienced.
I just use Gitlab-CE and currently have version 13.12.1 running.

Now I want to update my Gitlab, but I get errors that I should install the intermediate steps for the time being.

I looked at the internet all day on the internet as you do that, but nowhere is a reasonable guidance. The documentation is not really not for a beginner. It is written totally crappy. None of which works.

What I do not understand why there is no button in the GUI, where you just click on it and it automatically performs an update. All other systems make this all automatically. It is really sad the gitlab that does not offer.

I urgently for help.
I’m totally ready and finished with my nerves, since nothing works here.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards


I assume you are having the Omnibus packages installed on your preferred Linux distribution - then you can follow this upgrade guide. If not, there are more ways described in the linked docs.

Can you share some more details on your environment?

  • cat /etc/os-release to get the Linux OS details
  • Commands you use to upgrade the gitlab-ce package
  • Error messages during the upgrade (as text with three backticks enclosed)

GitLab has many components which need to be upgraded, and verified during the upgrade. Database migrations happen automatically (unless told otherwise with a flag). Typically, the upgrade on the terminal runs very smooth in my experience.

If you want to upgrade to 14.1.x, you need to first upgrade to the latest 13.12.x release, then apply 14.0.x, followed by 14.1.x. The upgrade paths are shown in this table.


Hi, documentation is good and has everything. I have read it many times and it is really clear. So your comments are just incorrect:

gives you the upgrade path.

13.12.Z -> latest 14.0.Z -> 14.1.Z -> latest 14.Y.Z

so go to latest 13.12.x release, then latest 14.0.x release, and then latest 14.1.x release. Then you will be fine. Make sure you follow the docs properly, and ensure that background migrations have finished.

Steps needed to jump via specific versions: Update GitLab installed with the Omnibus GitLab package | GitLab

# Ubuntu/Debian
sudo apt upgrade gitlab-ee=12.0.12-ee.0
# RHEL/CentOS 6 and 7
yum install gitlab-ee-12.0.12-ee.0.el7
# RHEL/CentOS 8
dnf install gitlab-ee-12.0.12-ee.0.el8
zypper install gitlab-ee=12.0.12-ee.0

replace ee with ce if using that version as well as changing the version number as per the upgrade path.