None of my public projects show in GitLab searches

As a developer of code that I share freely under an Open Source license, I would like the public to be able to find my projects.

When I search GitLab using a different browser and from a different computer that does not contain any of my own personal information, no browser history, no cookies, and no passwords to any websites, GitLab shows no search results for my projects. When I search for the exact name of my uniquely named project, the page returns no results found. I can even put special unique words that are clearly in the description of my projects, and nothing will be returned to link to my project.

The only way the public can get to my projects is using the full link as provided from some page or message outside of GitLab.

Why can’t GitLab search find my projects?

My Projects

Searching for one of my Projects and getting no results.

Using vague descriptions returns a great number of other people’s projects along with links to articles and other information.

I read the other post about the GitLab robots file is blocking Google crawlers but that is not the problem I am having.

How do I get GitLab searches to find my projects?