Gitlab Group is not visible for shairing the Project

Looks like something has changed in GitLab as I am not able to see my Groups for sharing the Private Projects even if the owner of the Project and the Group are same/myself.

It was working before couple of month as I was able to do above without any issues but not now.


  1. I have created a Group (Ex: V5Contributors) in GitLab with Visibility Level as “Private” and the Group Path is under “”.
  2. I have created a “Private” Project “MyProj” under “” Project Path.
  3. Then I select the Project and go to “Groups” under “Settings” to share the project with the Group members but I can’t search/find the group that I created.

Could someone advise what is wrong in my process? I just want to have a Group with several users and share some of our projects with the Group instead of each members.

Same issue encountered. I can’t search for the group I created and I can’t share our project to the group since it is not searchable.