Not able to find repocheck.log file in the gitlab servers

Hello all,
I have a gitlab infra that I created following this documentation: Reference architecture: up to 2,000 users | GitLab . I recieved a mail saying that one of the repositories on this infra failed the repository and to check the repocheck.log file for further information.

I ran the repo check again from the UI and it passed as it says here: Repository checks | GitLab

I also checked all the failed repo in gitlab rails console using the command: Project.where(last_repository_check_failed: true) and found no repos in the output as only 1 repo failed earlier and it passed when I triggered the repo check from the UI.

Issue: The mail said to check the file repocheck.log on the gitlab servers. I have checked all the servers thouroughly and was unable to find this file anywhere. I have checked the gitaly, db and redis servers as well.
Please let me know if this is a bug that this file is not created or some issue with the installations or where can I find this file.

I guess you weren’t looking under /var/log/gitlab:

root@gitlab:/var/log/gitlab# find ./ -iname repocheck.log

so found in /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/repocheck.log