Open Source programme for projects with dual-licensing


I’m considering applying for the GitLab for Open Source programme. My Rust library is dual-licensed under OSI-approved permissive licenses: the Apache License 2.0 or the MIT Expat licence (SPDX Apache-2.0 OR MIT) at the user’s option.

This is the recommended permissive licensing for Rust projects for the reasons outlined in the Rust API guidelines as C-PERMISSIVE. As described by these guidelines, I’ve used two different files for the licences (although I replaced LICENSE with COPYING): COPYING-APACHE and COPYING-MIT.

My project doesn’t display a single license in the project header because its license is split into two equal files.


From my understanding, this licensing would still qualify as a free software project licensed exclusively under OSI-approved licences. However, I’d like to go sure this isn’t a problem before submitting screenshots that effectively show my project doesn’t use the Add LICENSE button.

Is there any additional information I’d need to provide when applying for the programme? As far as I can tell, I can comply with all other requirements.

Hi @archer :wave: Thanks for your great question here.

Your explanation of the project’s dual-license configuration makes sense, and should not present issues when validating and verifying your eligibility for the program. I’m glad to have this advance notice of your case, however, before I review your application; it will accelerate your review!

Thank you, @bbehr for the quick response :raised_hands:

I’m looking forward to applying!

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