Out of touch for a while - CE version past 11.10.8?

For a number of reasons, I haven’t upgraded Gitlab past 11.10.8ce and recently had a linux upgrade uninstall a cr*pton of apps including Gitlab.

I’ve gotten 11.10.8ce reinstalled and my installation is running again.

So now I’m considering upgrading but finding that the latest version showing in synaptic is the version I have.

My questions are:

  1. Should I really bother upgrading? My preference is to keep up to date but I’m the only person using it and if it aint broke?
  2. Should I be able to see any versions past 11.10.8 with ce or do I have to move to ee?
  3. In either case, given the age of my config should I bother with an upgrade or should I export my projects (there are only 10), install the latest version clean and re-import my projects?

I appreciate any input.

Running Linux Mint 21.2 based on Ubuntu 22.04
The repo I have configured is
deb [signed-by=/etc/apt/keyrings/gitlab.gpg] https://packages.gitlab.com/gitlab/gitlab-ce/ubuntu/ trusty main

  1. Yes you should, for security reasons, bug fixes, patches for security holes - especially if your server is publicly accessible on the internet. There are posts already on this forum with older versions being compromised and end up running CPU crypto miners.
  2. Normally you should, but since Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy didn’t have a version of Gitlab prior to 15.5 - this is why you do not see anything between 11.10.8 and 15.5.
  3. As mentioned in point 1, it’s worth updating it for those purposes however you will need to follow the upgrade path here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

based on that your next upgrade is 11.11.8. The only problem is you will need to find an Ubuntu package for an earlier version of Ubuntu and attempt to install it. There is one for Bionic: gitlab/gitlab-ce - Results for 'gitlab-ce_11' and bionic in gitlab/gitlab-ce

You can filter that search between Bionic/Focal/Jammy to obtain the relevant versions on the upgrade path. Focal versions start at 13.2.0 so once you’ve upgraded using Bionic packages between 11.11.8 and 13.1.11 you can then switch from Bionic to Focal packages (since these are closer to Jammy 22.04 as Focal is 20.04). You will then be using 13.8.8 package for Focal. The packages can also be downloaded from that page, there will be wget links and info on how to do that (bottom right hand corner of the page when you click one of the versions from the search results).

Follow the upgrade docs instructions, especially once an upgrade has finished, make sure background migrations have finished first before starting the next upgrade on the list: Background migrations and upgrades | GitLab

Thanks for the detailed reply.

  1. Yeah, it’s not on the internet but doesn’t mean it won’t ever be.
  2. Ahh. That makes sense. Should have just kept the upgrades going even if I was out of development for a while.
  3. What do you think about taking the route of exporting my projects and re-importing with a clean install of 16?
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I don’t remember which version, but bulk import has been deprecated as far as I am aware. I believe somewhere in the 15.x versions. Since you’ve only got 10 projects, if you aren’t worried about commit history or wiki’s, and just want the code - it’s probably easier just to clone all the projects to your computer and then change the remote and push them to your new server. Never done it, so not sure if commit history will remain or not. It will require you to create empty projects on the new server for you to push to them. Not a great amount of work/effort if that is OK for you? Much much quicker than working through the upgrade path anyhow. That will be a couple of days of work.

Probably less work for me than going through all the fiddly upgrade steps but I’ll have to test a project on another machine and see how that goes. Thx again

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I agree that with only 10 projects, setting up a new server and moving projects to that is easier than all the upgrade steps, especially as it seems like you’re in a weird state and will have to move through other weird states to upgrade (see below).

I can offer a little explanation of how you got into it though. You say the repo you have configured is

The repo I have configured is
deb [signed-by=/etc/apt/keyrings/gitlab.gpg] https://packages.gitlab.com/gitlab/gitlab-ce/ubuntu/ trusty main

The problem is that says trusty, so you’re getting packages made for trusty, not jammy that your OS is based on. I’m surprised it even works like that, but if you went the upgrade path, you would need to replace trusty with first xenial, then bionic and focal before putting jammy in there, at appropriate points in the upgrade, but what those points are? And all the time you would be asking for packages for the “wrong” ubuntu release (I have no idea if Mint 21.2 is any less “wrong”).
So setting up a new server with a clean install offers a (quick) way out of this mess (again: using Mint 21.2 instead of Ubuntu Jammy could be considered a bit of a mess).

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I think you missed the core of “how I got into it” :slight_smile:

A combination of a dormant server and letting an OS upgrade nuke all the non-core installs.

I’m actually glad that I ended up using trusty since that meant I could easily get back to the install I had and have less risk of losing all my data. It was quite a pain to even determine what version I had previously installed. It’s a testament to a load of package maintainers that it seems to be working just fine.

export/import seems to work well enough though it would appear that I can’t export my issues list from 11.10.8. It looks like I might have to upgrade to at least 12.10 to get that feature.

In case anyone else runs into this, looks like this script will do a lot of the heavy lifting of transferring issues from an old version of Gitlab

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