Pages won't get updated after successful deploy


I’m building a Sphinx-doc documentation thanks to Gitlab pages, on a instance. After I make a new commit, gitlab-ci seems to successfully generate the target .html files from the .md source ones. But, in fact, none of the .html files are updated:

  • the last successful deployment happened on Jul 9, 2023 3:24pm GMT+0200,
  • the .html files were regenerated on Dec 6, 2022 11:55am GMT+0100 (except a single one I modified by hand during my attempts to understand the current issue).

I’ve double-checked the differences between the versions of the configuration files in the meantime, but nothing sensible changed.

On the other hand, on a local machine (without Docker and without Gitlab), the .html files are updated, as expected.

Here is the relevant part of my .gitlab-ci.yml file:

  stage: deploy
  - pip3 install --verbose --upgrade pip
  - pip3 install --verbose --force-reinstall "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose sphinx_design "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose --force-reinstall "numpy==1.19.4"
  - pip3 install --verbose sphinxext.opengraph "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose sphinx_comments "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose linkify-it-py "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose furo "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - pip3 install --verbose myst-parser "sphinx==6.2.1"
  - sphinx-build --version
  - sphinx-build source build
  - mv build/html public
    - public
  - master

Thanks for any help.

Never mind and sorry for the noise: because of mv build/html public, line just above should be sphinx-build source build/html instead of just sphinx-build source build. With this setting, it works as expected.