Pages not changing after successful deploy

Some history: I used to run gitlab CI on Yandex Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes, but few days ago i switched to my own server VM with gitlab runner installed.

Some runner info:
OS: ubuntu server 22.04
Version: 16.0.1
Executor: docker

I do not use custom domain for pages (default http://*

After i switched to a new runner, pages pipeline stopped deploying new versions of site, so now i cannot check new applied versions. But in CI tab everything is fine, there are basically no error messages, everything executes just like before. (Here you can find an example of build logs:

Previous similar topics did not give me any useful information (or i just did not research it properly)

I will be glad to see some ideas on why is this happening

P.S. Here is .gitlab-ci.yml fragment for pages stage (it’s pretty basic, just copy-pasted from docs):
image: ruby:2.7
stage: pages
- gem install bundler
- bundle install
- mkdir public
- bundle exec jekyll build -d public
- public