Password reset in gitlab

Hi all,

I’m Sorry, I dont know if it is the rigth place for asking this:

I have an issue by trying to reset my password from a gitlab account (

I have received the link (tokenized) for introducing the new password, I did it, the sytem said “Your password has been changed successfully”, but at the moment to try login again it always say me “Invalid login or password.”

P.S: I have repeat it many times (>8), also taking care of introducing the rigth password (character by character).

I’m not sure if it is a problem from Gitlab.

Is there any email adress for support in gitlab?

I really appreciate all the help.

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I can’t help but I am experiencing the exact same issue

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, community cannot help much here. If you have problems with your account, the best bet is to open a ticket here:

Best of luck!

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