Gitlab password reset email is not working

Hi, I got in a trouble when I tried to reset password in Gitlab.

base information

  • I’m social user(means using google login)

I want to reset my password. but I forgot my current password.
So I click the hyperlink. (“I forgot my password”)
(Then, How do you go to that page ? → I used my google login id/pw.)

and then I got an email.

at that time, there is shown with “token expired” (I don’t know this… what is it)
and then I add a my email and click the [Reset password] button

At that time, the alert is shown with “if your email adress~~, in a few minutes”.
but in fact I didn’t have any email from gitlab.

I want to just reset my password. please…

It seems to be fixed. it is not reproduced at moment.