Path has already been taken

I recently deleted a subproject from a group on and immediatly attempted to re-use its name for another project, without success (see screenshots: ). I then waited for a few days before trying again, but the problem persists. Is there any time limit on the release of path names for re-use, or might this be due to some other problem or misunderstanding on my behalf?

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@dannil10 Is that subgroup within a top-level group that’s on a Silver subscription for or on a self-managed instance that has a Premium license? If so, then it’s probably been marked for deletion and wasn’t deleted automatically.

I am on the free plan and do not seem to be able to find any “Restore” option. Would I need to upgrade to be able to re-use the path?

@dannil10 If you’re on the Free plan then the project would have been deleted immediately as soft-delete is an Enterprise Edition only feature. It sounds like we might need to investigate this in the backend. Please submit a support ticket so that we can take a look.

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Will do. Thanks Tristan for swift assistance!


Hi, Tristan!
Same problem here:

  • I create a project but I couldn’t import another project from GitHub:
  • Then I had to create another one (with a number 2 in it) and I imported the project:
  • I delete the first one and I tried to rename the second one to /javascript but I couldn’t because it appears that there is another project with the same name. I have waited more than a week (in Advanced settings it appears: This project will be removed on 2020-03-17) but today is 22 and it continues…
    Can you help me, please? Thank you in advance!

@didacticode I’ve just replied to the support ticket you submitted about this, so let’s continue the discussion there regarding your specific case. :slight_smile: