Personal Merge Template?

How do I create a merge description template for me and only for me? The team I am on is not interested in a global merge description template but I want to create one for myself to save time.

Any ideas?

You can organize MR templates in a project in .gitlab/merge_request_templates/ and copy it from there. I/m not sure though, I think you mean that your profile session uses this default MR template? (this feature does not exist to my knowledge).

In Developer Relations, we need epic templates - we document them in our workflow handbook as a boring solution. Could work in your case with the GitLab wiki for example.

Another thought I had: comment templates but they do not work in MR description fields (yet - please open a feature proposal if you like the idea).

That is pretty much what I thought. It’s not possible…yet. I will open a feature request. Thanks!

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